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Saturday was the first official day of summer, so it was fitting that my friend hosted a pool party over the weekend. The party was Spongebob themed, which is great. There was an ice cream sandwich-shaped floaty and a doughnut inner tube, which is freakin’ awesome. (Heck yeah I instagrammed me chilling in that doughnut!)

Something about the bright blue of your typical, rectangular swimming pool gets me excited about summer. It reminds me of red heart-shaped sunglasses, Hollywood, bold-colored floats and good ‘ole Americana. Am I alone here?

But then there are the natural-looking pools made to appear like a backyard pond, and I personally love the options with a built-in “beach” that offers just enough water to stay cool while laying out to tan. Let’s not forget the awesome features, such as outdoor kitchens, swim-up bars and hotel-worthy pagodas. Oh, the options!

Inspired by my weekend activities and dreaming of the many cool shades and elegant shapes of swimming pools, I threw together a little swim-spiration. Happy Summer!

pool hamptons getaway via v

I love the serenity, garden-feel and white lights of this Hamptons getaway.

pool contrast

The contrast of the dark water against the clean lines of white pool deck makes this a piece of contemporary art.

pool levels

The layers within the pool and on the deck visually take this option to the next level.

pool natural

It doesn’t quite look like a wild pond, but I love the natural feel of this pool.

pool indoors

Not all pools must be outside. This underground grotto looks like a winner.

pool pagoda

Hanging out at this pool might trick you into thinking you are at a resort.

pool via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Though it is small, this pool is mighty. And intimately elegant, too. Via Cupcakes and Cashmere.

pool via houzz.com

More of a fountain than a pool, this option showcases the ultimate outdoor living space. Via houzz.com.


Consider yourself lucky if you have the chance to lounge in this intricate pool that is a piece of art in itself. Shout out to that tanning ledge.

pool via Veranda

Sometimes you can’t beat the original — that crystal blue rectangle, but with a killer pool house, of course. Via Veranda Magazine.

All photos sourced via Pinterest, additional credit given where known.