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Thoughts of lounging poolside are typically reserved for sunny weekend days, when slipping into your swim suit and slathering on sunblock can easily become reality. But it’s the middle of the week and skies are gray here in Cleveland.

Who could blame me for daydreaming of a sun-drenched elsewhere?

Just like any genre of architecture and design, I’m intrigued by the colors, shapes and unique features of the sparkling pools I wish I could be swimming in. That includes the 10 I highlighted here.

While those are all amazing, I couldn’t help but dig a bit deeper into my Pinterest files to find the ultimate swimming pools around the world. Infinity edge overlooking the ocean? Check. Nestled alongside a French chateau? A shimmering aqua rectangle outside a Hollywood-worthy home? Check and check.

These pools prove that sometimes it’s not just the design of a pool that makes it great, but the location as well. Hey Cleveland, is the sun out yet? I’m in the mood to dive in.

pool1 jetlife.co

Via JetLife.co

pool2 la carmejane via elle decor

La Carmejane via Elle Decor

pool3 palm beach via veranda

Palm Springs via Veranda Magazine

pool4 arches

I love the open porch and arch detail.

pool5 jungle

I’m not sure where this is, but I love the zen quality.

pool6 kois-associated-architects

Pool by Kois Associated Architects

pool7 limestone quarry

This pool takes full advantage of a limestone quarry.

pool8 Vivenda en Almucar by Susanna Cots

Vivenda en Almucar by Susanna Cots


All photos sourced via Pinterest.