Game three of the second round of NBA playoffs just resulted in the Cleveland Cavs upsetting the Boston Celtics, advancing Cleveland to a 2-1 lead in the series. This is good news for all us Clevelanders who hope for nothing more than an end to our cursed anguish– sports teams that just can’t quite make it. But this year, we have hope again. We are looking for “a ring for the king.”

Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of people always asking if I know any players other than Lebron James. Yes, I do, but maybe you all don’t. But hey, at least EVERYONE knows ONE of our players.

And for all you who ask, “Did you even watch before Lebron came?” Pshh.. yes, even as a kid. Except now, it’s true, Lebron has come with a fury of hope for us Clevelanders. We keep getting closer every year… can we… maybe…

Since being out East, surrounded by Knicks and Celtics and whoever-else fans, my appreciation has grown even more. My eyes quickly focus in on Cleveland jerseys (and license plates… and anything else). It actually makes it awkward when I’m in Cleveland and want to run up to someone wearing a Cavs jersey to high five them before realizing, wait, we are in Cavs country.

Yes, Cavs country; Cleveland, home of some of the greatest fans ever. We don’t give up on our teams, year after year with each shortcoming making our hearts just a little heavier. Hopefully, fans will finally meet their glory as the Cavaliers push towards the championship this year.