Have you ever gotten into a music slump, where your ears are restless and you just can’t figure out what to listen to?

This is my recent dilemma: a restless music slump. I love music. I passionately seek out information and songs from old and new artists alike. My taste in music is extremely varied and unfocused; basically, I’ll listen to anything. But I have gone through some phases, all strongly influenced by the people around me:

Growing up, I was pretty much forced to listen to whatever mix CDs my brother made and had on the computer. He had some of that late 90s hip-hop and weird 70s/80s tunes mixed in. Oh, and Britney Spears and the Spice Girls were my idols.

In high school, I passively listened to my friends’ selections. Lots of pop, alternative bands… things that I eventually got so sick of that I went into a “strictly oldies” mode.

Senior year in high school I honestly could only listen to the “oldies” that had been seeping into my subconscious music-memory for all my life (thank you, mom). This means mostly 60s/70s rock or folk-rock. Amazing names that everyone should know and love: the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd… songs like “Proud Mary” and “For What It’s Worth.” The diversity and legitimate quality of my parent’s generation’s music is impeccable.

As I entered college, I wanted to seek anyone who could be making music to make me just as happy as these old bands and artists. I’ve found fun indie groups like the Kooks and Vampire Weekend, and a fellow Clevelander, my new favorite hip-hop artist Kid Cudi. And I have also come across the indie folk group She & Him.

She & Him is really just Zooey Deschanel and M Ward, with Zooey predominately covering vocals. I adore that they are able to, in my opinion, create music that is a throwback to the classic oldies, 60s pop, the Supremes, perhaps. When I first listened to their first album, Volume One, I was immediately reminded of an old-fashioned, cutesy group.

So, if it’s a song or group I’m searching for to get me out of my restless slump, I’ll say my song of the day is: “I Was Made For You” by She & Him.