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Some vacations are relaxing. But the kind that reunites five amazing friends that you’ve known for more than half your life, well… relaxing isn’t a word I’d use. I’m still recuperating from a long weekend in Savannah packed with great food, lots of champagne and so much laughter my abs were sore for days.

I loved exploring the all the little squares Savannah is known for: our Airbnb was right near Telfair Square, and the fountain at Johnson Square (pictured) made a shady place to sit. Of course, we took full advantage of the open-container laws!

We learned a ton about the city and its history on the Savannah Slow Ride “Boos Cruise” ghost tour, like the namesake of Telfair Square, why moss supposedly doesn’t grow on the old hanging trees (yikes), and other Civil War-era facts. Did you know Savannah is the second-largest port on the East Coast?

City Market is an 18th-century open-air marketplace that’s packed for shopping and dining during the day and bar hopping at night. (It has a much better purpose today than back during slavery times. Again, yikes!) Along the river, the treacherous-but-adorable cobblestone River Street is home to pubs, restaurants, Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos and Saddle Bags, a country-music hotspot.

The highlight of our trip was the Dolphin Magic Tour. Dolphin sighting is guaranteed (I think we saw an entire pod, um, mating) and it’s a great chance to bring a mimosa on a boat and let the wind whip through your hair. Plus, we learned some Savannah facts and history along the way.

On the food front, there’s a huge range offered in Savannah. Here are some of the places we ate, and I give a shining recommendation to them all:

  • Green Truck Pub: I opted to eat the delicious grass-fed beef burger open-face because the toppings were overflowing (pictured). This place is known for great vegetarian options, and my friends enjoyed the giant salads and the option to swap out beef for humane-certified chicken breast or a homemade veggie patty.
  • Sweet Melissa’s: When late night cravings hit, we grabbed a pizza almost too big to fit through the door with slices big enough to be a bib… seriously.
  • Jazz’d Tapas Bar: We just wanted a quick and easy dinner, and we found it here by selecting a range of tapas and splitting them between us. Live music is a plus!
  • Clary’s Cafe: Finding biscuits was possibly the most important point of our trip, and we finally found them here with good ol’ diner food. Every egg-meat-potato-carb combo you could imagine is available.
  • Cotton & Rye: All I can say is when in the South, go ahead and order that shrimp and grits with a side of mac and cheese. Great restaurant on the upscale-yet-cozy side.
  • Goose Feathers Cafe: The line fluctuates at this express cafe and bakery (we were out the door waiting!) and you order at a counter, then they deliver to your table. Hello, bagel sandwiches and chocolate croissants to go!
  • The Collins Quarter: We just stopped here for a drink, but it quickly became a favorite spot. I ordered a Spiced Lavender Mocha, but the cocktails were just as tempting. The brunch menu looks killer, and judging by the group next to us, the avocado toast is next-level.

I would love to return to Savannah someday soon. But there’s a more important question: Where should we visit next?!


All photos mine unless otherwise noted.