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After the craziness of the RNC in Cleveland and then hitting the road for work last week, I wanted my weekend to be as chill as possible. I ended up having a little too much fun laying around and playing with a new app.

Prisma takes photo filters to the next level. Forget the glow of Amara or the vintage look of Nashville, these filters imitate works of art. Think mosaic, Picasso, Lichtenstein and Hokusai’s “The Great Wave.” Some look like a watercolor version of your favorite image, others like colored pencil. And others are morphed into a (slightly) abstract look or cartoonish work of art.

I wanted to test out the dozens of filters on every picture I own. Hint: it makes faces look like the Joker — not in a cool way — so I stuck to skylines and landscapes. (How amazing does the corn look?!) Here are some of my favorites, which I’m starting to think would make amazing coasters. Hmm, DIY project coming soon?

Happy Monday! I encourage you to avoid your to-do list and get busy filtering your favorite photos, too.


All photos by me, edited using Prisma