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Stashing your Smirnoff on a dresser might have been acceptable in college, but post-grad living often comes with the desire for a little more sophistication — in both taste and storage.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been having serious bar cart envy for years. I’ve scoured the Cleveland Flea looking for a vintage cart trimmed in gold, snooped around my grandma’s house and even resorted to online shopping. My taste, apparently, is picky and my options limited.

Pinning down which liquors I want to keep on stock is a little easier (I admit, I do have still Smirnoff next to my Maker’s Mark). More importantly, I’m all about how to decorate a bar cart. Adding a crystal decanter (great Christmas gift!) is both stylish and practical. Pellegrino comes in handy, but the green-glass bottles are also trendy and add a splash of color. Fresh flowers are always welcome, and pretty glassware is essential.

Adding art is also a fine touch. A bold painting on the wall, or even a simple gallery arrangement, helps turn a “table topped with booze” into a classy focal point.

With my own collection of glassware on point (I even have two Moscow mule tins!) and the main feature just a liquor-store visit away, the only thing missing in my life is the cart itself. The hunt continues, and in the meantime, I’ll keep adding enviable bar carts to Pinterest for inspiration. Here are some of my favorites!


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