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Midwest Perspective, as I was so kindly reminded last week when I logged in, is 6 years old. What was I doing six years ago? I was in college. I started the blog as part of a web class — it was mandatory. Then it became the home to my writing assignments while studying abroad.

Midwest Perspective doesn’t look like it did six years ago: from school requirement to inspiration board to travel-and-fashion catalog to Cleveland booster. My favorite change in all this time has been adding the “Cleveland State of Mind” category and upping my coverage of this amazing city.

Going through the old posts was a walk down memory lane. The travel photos, tasty scoops of ice cream, savory brunches, cool outfits and favorite photoshoots remind me of some great times. Of course, there are some cringe-worthy posts, too. (And some serious design flaws. How did I ever allow unaligned images?!)

Midwest Perspective has progressed so much, but there’s still a lot of do. And I have some fun ideas in mind! I’m so excited to keep working to make this blog even better and more inspiring in the next year… or six.