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I’ve read that those who dwell on the past face depression, those who live only in the future are anxious and those who live in the present find the most happiness. This isn’t the rule, of course, but I’ve found myself oscillating from one extreme to the other in the past year — whining that holiday traditions are changing, wishing for just one more hug, worrying over when I’ll see a friend next.

This is why we’re reminded to look at the light side of situations. Really, I’ve enjoyed my first full year living downtown. I’ve explored Cleveland, and I’m excited to see what else I’ll experience in my city in the upcoming months. (Take that beyond the city: Cuyahoga Valley National Park? Hocking Hills? EUROPE? Let’s do it!)

A new calendar year won’t suddenly make problems and heartbreak disappear. It’s still up to you whether you will move on and live to the fullest. But that’s the blessing. It feels like a clean slate, and even that tiny feeling is sometimes enough to motivate us for the better.

Forget New Year’s resolutions, those don’t work for me. But I can say, in 2016 I hope to take time to truly enjoy the moments I’m in.