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Just like fall is my favorite season, though I love them all, Thanksgiving tops the list as one of my most beloved holidays. Sometimes, we are blessed with the year’s last warm days, or maybe we wake up to a beautiful blanket of snow. But regardless of the weather, I know I can expect to be surrounded by family and a delicious feast.

Since this is one of those holidays to “gobble ’til ya wobble,” dressing comfortably is a top priority. Whether you’re traveling, staying home or meeting your significant other’s family (gulp!), you want to look put-together without trying too hard.

For me, that means a favorite pair of jeans and long sleeves that you can easily layer a jacket over if the temperatures dip. Scarves are constantly in my rotation, because they easily add more dimension to any look. Slip on some fall boots, grab a cross-body bag, and you’re ready to meet any family member, dinner host or side dish thrown your way.


Top: Target | Jeans: via Avalon Exchange | Scarf: Nordstrom Rack | Bag: vintage Coach | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bracelets: Aldo accessories

Photos by Michael Ciuni, downtown Gates Mills