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I guess the headline is a bit misleading here. I don’t recall taking any selfies this lovely summer day, and my T-shirt exclaiming “Celine” isn’t, in fact, Celine. But that’s what Etsy is for.

I’m fascinated by style bloggers who can mix a casual tee with a fashionable skirt — and totally rock it. My ultimate inspiration for this look is Sincerely Jules, who repeatedly pairs her own leather minis with vintage and casual T-shirts.

This faux-leather miniskirt isn’t quite as popular in my wardrobe lineup now that I’m an adult (but am I?) and no longer a bar-hopping college student. Looking to put a new spin on the skirt, I pulled out my Etsy-sourced, Celine-inspired tee, layered on a glitzy statement necklace and slipped on black leather sandals. The outfit appears effortless thanks to the combination of basics and the simplicity of black and white.

Want to take a look like this from day to night at the click of your fingers? Swap out your flats for black heels, and you’ll achieve an instant upgrade.

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Photos by Michael Ciuni