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The weather this weekend was the perfect example of early September. It kicked off with a temperature drop and buckets of rain, but finished up with blue skies, puffy clouds and lots of sun.

Saturday, I went to the Cleveland Flea to scope out the artistic creations, as well as the vintage treasures. With dark gray clouds overhead, promising to unleash a shower at any moment, a little ray of sunlight came in the form of fresh cut flowers from one lady’s tent. The cheery blooms were definitely a big seller this week!

Sunday, I met with friends for Brunch Club (this was only our second successful meeting since December, so it’s not much of a club… yet!). We all had the hardest time picking just one dish off the brunch menu at Dante Next Door, and each choice proved delicious, from the raspberry pancakes to the “hangover” waffle topped with sunny side up eggs, bacon chunks and Sicilian tomatoes.

As the clouds finally broke apart, I journeyed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to snap a few pictures (perhaps another outfit post is coming soon — wink, wink). Lastly, I looped past the Browns stadium. We may have lost game one, but I’m looking ahead to next week’s home opener.

Happy Monday, folks!

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