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From a young age, my dad instilled in me a love of cities. Skylines from afar, the mix of textures up close, the towering structures reaching upward.

Chicago is one of my favorite cities architecturally, as I wrote here, for the mix of colors, styles and materials. And while a color photograph provides an accurate depiction of the cities I love, switching over to black and white can bring another dimension to the same scene. Void of the rainbow of colors, your eyes can focus more on lines and geometry. Like the criss-cross of metal on the elevated train tracks, or the corncob pattern of the Marina City towers — forever a personal favorite. Shadows and layers become more striking, adding a heightened sense of depth.

Here’s a small sample of Chicago in black and white. Cue “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin. And then go watch Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” while you’re at it.

_Chicago_Easter_Hallie_04 _Chicago_Easter_Hallie_07 _Chicago_Easter_Hallie_11 _Chicago_Easter_Hallie_12 _Chicago_Easter_Hallie_13 _Chicago_Easter_Hallie_14

Photos by Michael Ciuni