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Pocahontas was always one of my favorite Disney princesses. (I mean, I’m clearly Belle.) I loved that she could talk to animals, climb willow trees, dive from waterfalls and simply be one with nature.

But one thing that stands out is how I always wanted my hair to blow in the wind just like hers.

Besides the fact that no one’s hair can flow that perfectly in a hefty gust, I have the added torture of dealing with curly hair. Even a simple breeze can bring out every frizzy possible, destroying any hopes of smooth, spiraling ringlets.

About a week ago, I went down to The Flats. My “great hair day” (it was partially straightened) quickly came to an end as I got down to the river’s edge, where the wind brought a whole new meaning to the lyrics, “I whip my hair back and forth.”

I absolutely did not feel like Pocahontas, but the resulting photos were tons of fun to look through. Those smiles on my face are moments of laughter, and the hand-in-my-hair model stance comes from necessity, not from trying to strike a cool pose.

One more note to self: Don’t wear a loose dress down by the river.

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Shoes: via DSW (I love these and these, also at DSW) | Dress: H&M via Avalon Exchange | Necklace: Betsy Johnson (similar here)

Photos by Michael Ciuni