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When your photographer/roommate/boy friend needs to use up the end of his roll of film, you put on a fresh shirt, let your hair down and head out to a nearby spot with a simple-yet-intriguing background.

As we walked toward Lake Erie last week, the wind whipped through my hair. At the time, I felt like Pocahontas and silently sang “Colors of the Wind” to myself, though I subconsciously knew the gusts were turning my somewhat-tame curls into a piecey mess.

Since fall is my favorite sartorial season, I tend to use cooler spring days as a chance to pull out my autumn hues, ankle boots, lighter scarves and other fall items for a brief moment before segueing into the lighter fabrics and floral patterns of summer style. That’s exactly what I did here, happy to give this outfit a brief shot of daylight.

_Hallie_GreenShirt_01 _Hallie_GreenShirt_02 _Hallie_GreenShirt_03 _Hallie_GreenShirt_04 _Hallie_GreenShirt_05 _Hallie_GreenShirt_06 _Hallie_GreenShirt_07

Photos by Michael Ciuni.