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A Boston Globe columnist wrote a bitter letter about Cleveland after the Cavaliers’ first win against the Boston Celtics — a series that ended in a sweep, thank you very much. I’m glad I decided to keep my mouth shut instead of sending off a heated response, countering every single error he wrote.

I know I wasn’t the only Clevelander who was offended by the printed words. So what if we dropped confetti after Game 1. You gotta fight for your right to party, no? And here’s what it boils down to: Clevelanders aren’t desperate for a championship. Life would go on for another year just like it has every year for the past however many decades. But we want one. We would love one, just as much as any other city with a professional sports team.

Something else this man got terribly wrong is some of the jabs he made at my beloved city itself. Without going into the details and refuting every claim one by one, let me just say I’m incredibly proud to live in this city that inspires pride from so many residents in the city proper and surrounding suburbs, even counties.

It was this overwhelming love for Cleveland that led me up to a rooftop for a better vantage point to take my picture with the giant Lebron James banner and a piece of the Cleveland skyline. We don’t worship Lebron. But you can sure as heck bet we recognize he is one of the absolute best basketball players in the world, and he shares our love of northeast Ohio. And that’s something we can all get behind.

Diss us all you want. Clevelanders have been the underdogs for decades. And despite our troubles, we still have crazy love for our city and a solid community of citizens working to make it as fabulous to outsiders as we already see it. We’re happy to keep loving Cleveland whether the rest of the world does or not.

As we head into Game 2 against the Chicago Bulls, it’s clear the Cavaliers have a tough road ahead of them. But if years of heartbreak on the sports front have taught the world anything, it’s that Cleveland is full of diehard fans, win or lose. Let’s go Cavs!