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A door can be so much more than just a wooden slab covering an entryway. Sure, it keeps out prying eyes and snow flurries. But a door can also be a masterpiece — a work of art beckoning visitors inside.

Doors around the world are fascinating, varying in shape and color. Different cultures affect the style of these portals, which is why I fell instantly in love with the ornate doors I continuously stumbled across while traveling through Croatia and Slovenia.

Over the 10-day trip, I slowly became known as the girl who takes pictures of doors. Whether it was a government building, one of the many beautiful churches, or an apartment door just off the street, I found an array of detailed doors and extravagant door frames.

Eventually I’ll sift through the hundreds of photos I took in Europe to create a photo diary of my travels. Until then, I hope you enjoy some of my favorite doors of the Adriatic!


Kotor, Montenegro // One of my favorites, could you believe it’s “just” the side door to the famous Cathedral of Saint Tryphon?


Ljubljana, Slovenia // This door in the capital of Slovenia reminded me of the French doors I love so much, so I had to snap a picture.


Dubrovnik, Croatia // One of my favorites, there was no easy way to capture this door straight on. This shot was taken from above while walking on the city’s famous ramparts.


Zagreb, Croatia // This entrance is on a hill, so the ground is slanted, but there’s nothing crooked about this masterpiece.


Ljubljana, Slovenia // I snuck away from our guided tour to capture this gem squeezed between market stands in a tight alley.


Bled, Slovenia // This little portal is shorter than it appears and sits next to the wine cellar at Bled Castle.


Dubrovnik, Croatia // Sometimes as pop of color is all you need to stand out, but this detailing on this door would be beautiful in any color.


Ljubljana, Slovenia // The capital city had no shortage of exquisite doors and even more grand door frames.


Budva, Montenegro // With gray clouds looming overhead and the Adriatic crashing just yards to the right, this artistic work glowed despite the gloominess of the day.


Kotor, Montenegro // A local woman stopped to explain to us this door was made by Vasko Lipovac, a famous Croatian painter. Hearing the backstory made the door so much more special to us.


Zadar, Croatia // Whether working with wood, metals or stone, the Europeans are masters of creating awe-inspiring doorways.


All images property of Hallie Rybka.