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Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. The leaves put up one last dazzling display before floating to the ground. Fall blooms, like the beautiful purple asters that are sprouting up in tall-grass meadows, add color to the browning fields. The air turns crisp, and days could either be magnificently clear and blue skied or wonderfully gloomy.

Yes, I love the gray textured sky just as much as one that is filled with sun. Because fall is meant for lazy days. I love dressing in cozy knits, slipping on a pair of boots and heading into the autumn chill… It’s so much more bearable than winter’s sting.

I head out to Patterson’s Fruit Farm in Chesterland each fall. They have rows of plump orange pumpkins, the air smells like fresh kettle corn and inside, there’s an array of seasonal treats. It almost makes me wish I liked apple fritters. I usually stick to apple cider.

This year, skies were blue and speckled with fluffy clouds, but the wind was cold. So I piled on the layers: a long sleeve shirt from Nordstrom, a baggy H&M cardigan in my favorite fall color, my go-to infinity scarf (similar here) and chunky Aldo boots.

To accessorize, I added a chunky gold bangle and carried a vintage Coach cross-body bag. I topped off the look with a floppy hat. Usually, floppy hats seem more fitting for summer, but the addition of a row of feathers at the base of the hat create a distinctly fall appearance.

What are you favorite ways to dress for fall?

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Photos by Michael Ciuni.

He shot on a Canon t3i with Canon L series 50mm and 24-105mm lenses.