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The change from one season to the next is not always noticeable. After a strange summer that often felt more like fall, I can see how it slipped my mind that today is, finally, the first day of the new season.

Every season has its benefits. The beauty of snow, the excitement of spring’s new growth, the relaxation of summer instilled in us during our school days that we never quite let go of. But no matter the time of year, I always look forward to fall.

I love tailgating and watching football. I love wearing boots and sweaters and scarves. I love watching the leaves morph into a blaze of color. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving and knowing my birthday and Christmas are just around the corner.

And if autumn really is my favorite time of year, I guess Ohio is the perfect place for me to be. Enjoy some of my favorite photos of fall, from the Ohio University campus in Athens to Shaker Lakes in Cleveland.

Fall1 Fall2 Fall3 Fall4 Fall6 Fall7 Fall8


Photos by Hallie Rybka and Michael Ciuni.