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Seagull Beach

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

I’m not sure where this quote originated, but it has made its way through the social media grapevines for some time now. I’m glad it finally made its way to me.

I collect as many material things as the next person. If you ask my mom, maybe more. Or maybe I just have a problem letting go. Seashells from every beach vacation, pressed roses from every bouquet, the tattered children’s books grandparents once read.

Sometimes, I think I keep these things just so I can remember the experience, to trigger the stories I’d like to tell. I guess the difference is why you collect the things you do. Is it to show off? Or is it to hold onto the glimmering memories? One of those isn’t so bad.

As you go about your day, week and life, make sure you’re collecting as many experiences as things, and sharing stories of love and adventure as well as all that pretty material stuff you’re acquiring on the way.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is in memory of my Grandpa Bud, who lived by these words better than anyone I know.

February 6, 1932–August 19, 2014.