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I might work in downtown Cleveland five days a week, but that doesn’t mean I always take the time to get a good look at my city. When I’m walking the 14 blocks from Public Square to the Theater District, I have to admit my eyes spend much more time glued to the sidewalk than appreciating the buildings towering above me.

One day in the early summer, I decided to change that. I picked up a Minolta x-370 film camera and hit the streets to explore Cleveland with a fresh set of eyes.

I swung by iconic places, like the West Side Market and Wade Lagoon at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I walked down to the North Coast Harbor to get a view of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that I haven’t taken the time to visit in more years than I’d like to admit.

I admired the city’s gorgeous, detailed doors (the Federal Reserve is one), rested next to my favorite piece of public art (the magnificent, jade-hued War Memorial: Fountain of Eternal Life, which lists the name of a distant relative) and stumbled upon a Baroque-inspired mural with an Americana twist by Tristan Eaton.

Cleveland is a beautiful city, filled with historic facades, a plethora of public art and a range of unique people. But you can’t enjoy the sights when your eyes are stuck on your iPhone screen or you’re scurrying from one building to the next. As a friend once said, “I need to remember to look up.”

Oh, and I had another set of eyes with me so you can see some of my favorite parts of Cleveland, too.