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This past Saturday, my body clock wouldn’t let me sleep in past 8 a.m., so with the sun streaming through my bedroom windows, I was happy to let my weekend begin. I was going to brunch in a few hours, after all.

Brunch is always my favorite part of the weekend — and I know I’m not alone here. I put the social media feelers out Friday for Cleveland brunch suggestions. And since I can’t possibly hit a new spot every Saturday and Sunday, this weekend I settled on Flying Fig across from the West Side Market.

I absolutely adore Market Avenue, where the restaurant is located. Stretching between West 25th and West 26th streets, the tree-covered, one-way road is lined with patios, including one for the Flying Fig and Great Lakes Brewing Company across the street.

To channel a bit of the market vibe and stay warm despite the chilly morning, I chose to wear my gingham blouse. I paired the top with white jeans, wedges and gold jewelry, including my bling-tastic statement necklace. (I told our server I didn’t want to look too much like a farmer after she complimented my necklace.)

The huevos rancheros were good, and the whole wheat, banana, coconut and candied walnut pancakes were better. But for next weekend, I think I might take a break from the fancy brunch for some good ‘ole eggs and bacon.

Thanks for all the suggestions on Twitter and Facebook, friends!

Brunch at The Flying Fig Brunch at The Flying FigBrunch at The Flying FigBrunch at The Flying FigBrunch at The Flying Fig

Photos by Michael Ciuni.