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Nature often serves as a source of inspiration for artists, architects, writers and fashion designers. I couldn’t help but share pictures from women who are incorporating real life flowers into fashion… and the other way around.

A friend shared an article with me about a 22-year-old student from Singapore who has taken her habit of fashion illustration to a new level. Grace Ciao began incorporating flower petals into her designs, and the results are absolutely gorgeous. I mean, can these dresses be real life?! Because I want one… Or three.

You will definitely want to read the full story on BuzzFeed here (it includes more pictures!).

Grace Ciao says the petals offer patterns she never would've thought of.

Grace Ciao says the petals offer patterns she never would’ve thought of.


The student also says the petals mimic the delicacy of a soft fabric.

And just a few days ago, I saw on Elle.com that Taylor Tomasi Hill styled 10 bouquets to represent some of her favorite spring runway collection designs. I’m not sure what was better, the original looks or the bundles of flowers the woman behind TTHBlooms designed. Oh, yes I do: the flowers! I clicked the link on a whim and the bouquets definitely exceeded my expectations. Mostly, I was surprised at the level of creativity. (To re-create a veiled look, she covered one bouquet in tulle!)


One creative bouquet design by TTH. Screen grab via Elle.com.

TTHBlooms Elle.com

This would make a lovely wedding bouquet, right? Designed by TTH. Screen grab via Elle.com.

See all the amazing creations on Elle.com here.

As spring fades into summer, the first joyful crop of blooms are fading. But we have a whole summer of fresh-cut flowers and floral ensembles to look forward to. Let these two ladies inspire you!