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Hole-in-the-Rock, Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Hallie Rybka.

Hole-in-the-Rock, Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Hallie Rybka.

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” –Navajo Proverb

This picture shows Hole-in-the-Rock (such an original name, eh?) at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona. The Navajo nation once extended into Arizona, and the gorgeous rock formations I see every time I visit are vivid reminders of nature’s beauty.

As I’ve written before, I find nature to be truly inspiring and peaceful. Can you even imagine seeing a time lapse video of the red rocks in Colorado’s Garden of the Gods eroding to their current perfectly imperfect existence? Or watching as California’s redwood trees expand their massive trunks and reach new heights in Redwood National Park?

While I’ve always been soothed more by cool colors — the blues of the ocean and the green glow of a lush forest — my mom once said she thinks the West is where she belongs. The warm tones in the rocks, soil and sunsets are her colors.

This Navajo proverb makes an important point. We are so fortunate to have inherited this beautiful land. But more importantly, we have to take care of it now, every day, so the beauty is still around to be admired by generations to come.

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