From 2010-2013, Sherwin-Williams installed a banner featuring Cleveland's skyline with the headline “Our home since 1866. Our pride forever.”

From 2010-2013, the Sherwin-Williams headquarters displayed a banner featuring Cleveland’s skyline with the headline “Our home since 1866. Our pride forever.”

If you know me at all, you know how much I love my city. To showcase my admiration for the writers and poets, city planners, civic leaders, brunch spots and breweries, parks and trails, I’m creating a new category for my posts: Cleveland State of Mind.

Believe it or not, Midwest Perspective has been around for more than four years. It started as a school project and became my study abroad assignment journal (my daily journal, unfortunately, only appears in pieces, like here and here).

About two years ago, I decided my blog needed more focus. “A world of beauty through my eyes” became the tagline. I wanted to express the beauty I find in nature and around the world while traveling, the beauty of inspiration and motivation, the beauty of imperfection and, of course, fashion.

I also want to showcase my beloved hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. Creating a “Cleveland” category for my posts has been a long time coming, and the wait is finally over! Now, instead of just creating fun outfits for fashion posts, I hope to also show how they are selected for or complemented by the city, people and cool events that make up my life in Cleveland.

If you’re from Cleveland, join me in celebrating our city. Let me know what you think about the places I visit, and share your favorite spots with me as well. Hint: I’m always looking for some cool urban art and a nom-tastic brunch. If you’re reading from afar, come explore the beauty and quirks of this Midwest Rust Belt town.