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I’ve noticed recently that during my shopping binges (they are few, but each is mighty) I gravitate toward items that can be worn for both fun and for work. I spend more time in the office than I do out and about, so that is really where I need to apply the most creativity. Plus, selecting basics that can be styled in numerous ways and for multiple settings is both practical and easier on the wallet.

Luckily, blouses are among my favorite tops of the moment. The breezy material is great for muggy walks through downtown, but still look fresh when cozied up under a cardigan. This leopard-print blouse is great because it can be dressed down with denim cut-offs, dressed up with faux leather leggings or made office-appropriate tucked into black pants or a pencil skirt.

I’ve already worn this blouse twice, and it’s one of my most recent purchases. I can’t wait to see how I transform it into a summer look. How could you not love a little animal print to spice up the week?

_Hallie_PencilSkirt_01 _Hallie_PencilSkirt_02 _Hallie_PencilSkirt_03 _Hallie_PencilSkirt_04 _Hallie_PencilSkirt_05 _Hallie_PencilSkirt_06 _Hallie_PencilSkirt_07 _Hallie_PencilSkirt_08

Photos by Michael Ciuni.