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Spring is finally making an appearance in Cleveland, with daffodils in bloom and buds forming on the long-naked trees. Wanting to channel the warmer months ahead, I dusted off a straw fedora, which always symbolizes easy-going summer days to me.

But with the reality of chilly breezes, I am still living in full-length pants and layering up. My chambray shirt, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts (like here), is one of my go-to pieces for layering. It’s quick and casual, and it’s easy to lug around on spring and summer days when the nights are still chilly.

Keeping with the casual feel of my outfit, I swiped on Bare Escentuals Buxom Full-On Lipstick. These lipsticks are super easy to use, taste like peppermint and come in great colors. I grabbed “Amsterdam” after a long trip to Sephora, because I liked that it is close enough to nude to be used as an everyday, all-occasion lipstick, but still offers some color.

I’m looking forward to the weekend and, with May just one week away, I’m hoping the warm days of spring will arrive soon. What are you wearing to survive this season of up and down temperatures?

Buxom and Denim on Midwest Perspective _Hallie_Fedora_03 _Hallie_Fedora_04 _Hallie_Fedora_05 _Hallie_Fedora_06 _Hallie_Fedora_07 _Hallie_Fedora_08 _Hallie_Fedora_09

Photos by Michael Ciuni.