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Photo found on Pinterest via fullstart.com

Photo found on Pinterest via fullstart.com

Nothing can be done except little by little.” —Charles Baudelaire

I couldn’t have picked a more perfect quote for today if I had spent hours brainstorming. But it’s deadline week, and I definitely don’t have hours to spare.

Baudelaire is the French author who penned “Le voyage,” one of my all-time favorite poems. His words in today’s quote are a refreshing outlook on the craziness of my impending deadline. My to-do list is growing faster than I can cross things off, and as much as I’ve been getting done each day so far, the work I have ahead of me seems overwhelming.

We have to remember, take each piece one step at a time. Finish one task and move on to the next. Or, reach a stopping point in one and take a break by tackling a different quick task. Little by little, you’ll make progress.

But the true inspiration behind me finding this quote is that today is my boyfriend’s birthday. Baudelaire’s words have a special meaning to him, and I’m glad he shared this piece of wisdom with me.

Whatever assignments, lists, tasks and work you are scrambling to finish at the moment, just remember these words. Take a breath, and trudge on. Bon chance!