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I keep hoping that with the calendar changing to April, spring weather will magically arrive. And with the arrival of spring, I’m reminded constantly of the items I am most lacking in my closet. Of course, the list could go on, but here are 10 essential items I’ll be looking for this spring. The best part is this list is totally reasonable and I’m willing to bargain hunt — I’m saving dreams of Valentino Pumps for my birthday list.

The Midi Skirt: I had a conversation with my grandma yesterday about hemlines, explaining that today, you can wear any length your stylish heart desires. “It used to be only one length was in style, and you wouldn’t dare wear anything else,” she responded. Well, I’m obsessed with maxi dresses and already have my share of mini skirts. I’m ready for those billowy midis! wishlist1 midi pink Polka Dot Blouse: I’m a young working woman, and after a winter of cardigan after cardigan, I’m ready for the breezy feeling of a silky blouse. But, in particular, I’ll have my eye out for one with little white dots on a navy background. wishlist2 emerson fry blouse Slouchy pants: I had a huge problem with the harem pants trend while living in France. The supposed fashion capital of the world was dotted with young girls who looked like they rolled out of their “I Dream of Jeannie” beds. Yuck! I’m not sure I’m over it, but I am willing to compromise. By the time the trend reached our side of the Atlantic, it was reimagined and re-tailored — think business slacks with extra room around the bubble butt. wishlist3 slouchy2 A Clutch: I feel like I’m always in a handbag crisis. After a long search, I finally found a black leather Tignanello purse that reminds me of my favorite Celine bags, and it works perfectly whether I’m shopping or lugging papers to work. What I need, my friends, is a small clutch or cross-body bag that is slightly on the glamorous side — one that I can use for brunch with the gals, dinner with my beau and hitting the town at night. wishlist4 lanvin envelope clutch Crop Top: Here’s another trend that was slow to win me over. Taking serious note to style and fit, I think I can be happy with an attempt of my own. With just an inch of the waist showing, I would love to pair a fitted top with one of my newly purchased midi skirts, or a looser fit with a pencil skirt. Bold Lipstick: I spent entirely too much time last week in Sephora fawning over the selection of Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencils and Bare Escentuals Buxom Full-On Lipstick. Since the Buxom shade I truly wanted was out, I bought the nude shade Amsterdam that has a touch of coral (perfect for everyday use) and vowed to return for the deep berry San Francisco or a bright Bite stick. Hot pink, soft coral, berry red — I want them all! wishlist6 beth glaeser hairstylist Les Mots Francais: I’m extra picky about this one. I studied French. I lived in France. I’m better than the “C’est la vie” and “Ooh la la” attire I see on pre-teens waiting for a ride home from the mall. Some phrases I like better? “Bien sur,” “Magnifique” and “crème de la crème.” Not that those are much better… tant pis! wishlist7 graphic tee Floral Kimono: Made popular by Free People, these silky tops that resemble a robe are the perfect summer replacement for those cardigans that kept me warm throughout the winter. wishlist8 Kimono White Jeans: For the love of Vogue (It’s the fashion bible, after all), I have been looking for a good pair of white denim for years. And I’m not giving up the search until I find white skinny jeans that aren’t sheer as a curtain. wishlist9 white jeans Gold Accessories: We can’t stop, we won’t stop. It’s interesting how my jewelry preference changes with my mood, but lately I’ve been on an “all gold everything” kick. I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. I’m thinking stacks of dainty rings and increasing my golden arm party with both thin bands and a thick bangle. wishlist10 accessories

All photos via Pinterest.