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You better lose yourself in the music, the moment.” — Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

We are each the center of our own universe. Life revolves around fulfilling our basic needs: finding food, water, shelter and love. And this isn’t a bad thing. Life is an important and beautiful thing, but with it also comes waiting for buses, sloshing through dirty streets, frustrating coworkers and heartbreak.

That’s why it’s so wonderful when we have the opportunity to get away from ourselves or step into someone else’s world. That’s why it’s so wonderful that we can turn to music, art, film and books.

Getting lost in a book is magical. You can travel to lands you’ve never seen with your own eyes and to worlds that don’t exist. Except Hogwarts — that’s real, my Muggle friends. A movie can provide a perspective you never considered. Art can inspire.

And music? Well, listen to sad music for an hour and tell me you aren’t feeling blue, or crank up Beyonce or The Rolling Stones and tell me you aren’t in the mood to dance.

You caught me. Today’s quote comes from Eminem’s oh-so-thoughtful lyrics to “Lose Yourself” from the “8 Mile” soundtrack. This song pumps me up in any situation, but this line in particular is a good one to pull out of context.

As much as I love a good beat, I’ve always been drawn to clever, poetic and inspirational lines. (Led Zeppelin had this down, my favorite lyrical album being Zeppelin IV… or whatever you prefer to call it.) Music has the ability to alter moods and talk to you (hey look, more Eminem!), which makes songs an efficient vehicle for forgetting your current situation and troubles in order to live in one specific moment.

On a side note, the most humbling of all forms of escape, to me, is witnessing the beauty of nature. Whether that means letting a tall-grass meadow engulf me or standing in awe of powerful waves crashing the Pacific coast, nature is the one thing that can always take me away from the insignificant problems of my teeny-tiny life.

Pump up the tunes, grab a book or head outside (though I don’t recommend that here in snowy Cleveland). Lose yourself in the moment.

Peanuts photo sourced via Pinterest. Like usual.