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No longer is flannel restricted to use by lumberjacks. The black, gray and red button up has become a popular choice for men and women alike in their day to day activities. The look exudes casual comfort — and it’s warm.

For years, every time I stepped foot in a thrift store I searched for a chambray button up and the perfect oversized flannel. But I never found the items in just the right size. As much as I hate to say I sold out, eventually Forever 21 versions of each top found their way into my closet.

I love flannel because you can wear it open over a white tee or buttoned up. Throw on a statement necklace and some heels, and the outfit takes a turn toward trendy. Winter’s coming to an end (not that you could tell by the single-digit temperatures and snow-covered ground), but I plan on mixing flannel into my wardrobe for as long as I can.



Bracelet: Betsey Johnson | Boots: Aldo | Flannel: Forever 21 (love this one) | Remind me not to insist on taking pictures when it’s below freezing and hair won’t stay out of my face. This results in awkward poses. xo

Photos by Michael Ciuni