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Brite Winter

Midwesterners are tough. We trudge through snow and bundle up against the bitter winter winds. We pass up the perfect summer months to throw a festival in the dead of winter.

Dead — just like my toes were within 30 minutes of trekking to Ohio City for the Brite Winter festival. Oops, I never said I’m tough! If we have learned one thing here over the years it is how to bundle up. I can’t stop giving the highest praise to my arctic-proof puffer coat that covers me to mid-thigh and has a hood that stays on even in strong winds.

Shivering and numb toes aside, Brite Winter was an opportunity for me to support both a growing inner-city neighborhood and a handful of bands I maybe-barely-ever heard of. (Thanks to Jane and Michael for being my guides to discovering new music!)

I kicked off the evening on the right note with Nick D & The Believers as the sun began to set. After a quick warm up at Market Garden Brewery, I caught Herzog, The Lighthouse & The Whaler and Hollis Brown.

While I plan on looking further into each of these bands, Hollis Brown sticks with me the most. I was digging their subtle hints of The Band and other noteworthy musical inspirations from a range of generations.

I’m looking forward to catching up with these new artists… and a warm, sunny spring.

Nick D and the Believers

Nick D & The Believers

Light Art

A bit of light art.

Ohio City Stage

Ohio City stage outside the West Side Market.


Caught the beginning of Herzog, but I wish I saw more.


Doughnuts from a food truck? Winning.

theLighthouse and the Whaler

The Lighthouse & The Whaler

Hollis Brown

Hollis Brown was my favorite set of the night.


I think Townhall needs to make these twinkling lights a permanent feature.


Oh hay thurr! All photos by Michael Ciuni.