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Harper's Must Haves

Check out the Harper’s Bazaar article: 10 Must-Haves by 30s: Interiors Edition

What else is design but a method of alchemy… to transform the ordinary, the quotidian, or the just plain unworkable into something beautiful, something rare, something usable.” From The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

As I kick off a few days of spring home decor interviews, this quote was one that stood out to me. Designing your home can be as simple as finding items that are visually pleasing, or it can be arranging significant items in a way that brings a feeling of nostalgia, comfort or practicality.

I’m a firm believer in spring cleaning (though by the looks of my bedroom, my mom would certainly disagree). But even more than cleaning, I love the idea of “editing” your items. Stash the decorations that are left out from the holidays. Instead of cluttering bookshelves with every book you own and possibly can’t part with, select a few favorites to display. Even better: actually attempt to tackle that reading list!

I hope to delve further into home decor as spring draws near. Until then, start thinking about what can go and what should stay. Happy Hump Day!