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You know how there are days you lay in bed and hope the world will be a better place when you wake up? That all your troubles will magically disappear in those sleeping hours? That was me last weekend – except my only issue was a sharp migraine. 

So, this weekend I wanted to make up for it. I wasn’t entirely active, nor did I get very much done. But I was glad to get out of the house and catch up with friends, come back for an underdog victory with my number one partner-in-crime during a game of pool, complete a minimal amount of cleaning and swing by my beautiful high school. Oh, and my favorite weekend activity: brunch!

Here’s to a Happy Monday and a positive week ahead.


I stopped by MIX at the Cleveland Museum of Art, a monthly themed cocktail party.


My favorite part of attending MIX is getting to see the newly-opened Southeast Asia wing.


Round two at Katz Club Diner on Lee Road was another successful brunch.


Instead of cleaning my room, I organized my magazine collection. #editorproblems


Gilmour Academy has upgraded quite a bit since my day, but it’s the people who make it so wonderful.


Right before sinking this bad boy. Nothing’s more fun than a little friendly competition on a relaxing night! Photo cred: Trudy A.