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How to dress for a holiday office party never crossed my mind. Until, of course, I had one day to throw an outfit together.

Leading up to my first party with this company, I struggled to figure out the appropriate level of casualness. And I definitely had one of those moments, while staring at the wall of clothes in my closet, that I genuinely felt, “I have nothing to wear.” Nothing, that is, that I thought would work in this situation.

Deciding what to wear to an office party can be as simple or difficult as you make it. You can ask a coworker what people generally wore last year. You can consider the party venue (are you going to a fine-dining restaurant or the party room of a bowling alley?). And you can consider your company’s weekday work attire.

I took each of these routes. Yes, we’ll be at Cibreo Italian Kitchen in Cleveland’s PlayhouseSquare, but I learned from coworkers that last year the president wore dark-wash jeans and a sweater. Lastly, being in a creative work environment, our attire often errs on casual.

With these facts in mind, I put my flirty black party dress back into the closet and chose a festive skirt and simple white blouse instead. I then accessorized with bold gold pieces.

Our Christmas tree is, unfortunately, coming down tomorrow, so I was glad I had a reason to dress up and snap a few pictures with it!

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