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Tuesdays used to be just be another day – early in the week and far from the weekend. But for the last year, I’ve found myself looking forward to the first Tuesday of each month.

As the work day wraps up, my mind shifts to the journey of driving across the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge (now the Hope Memorial Bridge), with its 43-foot-tall Guardians of Transportation standing vigil as we drive by, until we are greeted by the historic West Side Market as we cross into Ohio City.

Next door sits Market Garden Brewery, the brewery and restaurant that came to fruition under the direction of Sam McNulty and led the charge of a new, hip and vibrant Ohio City. And it’s here, each month, that the Brews + Prose reading series takes place.

Initially, I had less interest in hearing readings than I did in supporting my former (and dare I say favorite?) teacher. But that casual participation grew into genuine interest. Month after month, it has become a chance to meet up with long-time friends and experience new works, straight from the authors themselves.

Highlights have included Alissa Nutting, who read from her novel Tampa, Pulitzer-Prize winner Connie Schultz, author of Super Boys Brad Ricca (it’s about the Cleveland-native creators of Superman!), and a handful of poets, like Bruce Weigl.

With the first Tuesday of 2014, I’m looking forward to another year of seeing friends and discovering authors – even if it is negative 10 degrees outside. Polar vortex or not, if you’re in Cleveland, I hope to see you there. The beer and company could only help to warm you!

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