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It’s no secret that fall is my favorite sartorial season. But what about in general? I love the lazy, hazy days of summer. I cherish fresh layers of snow, holiday cheer and snuggling up to a fire. I look forward to the long lost warmth and floral explosion of spring.

But fall–there’s something magical about the way a tree can burst into fiery red foliage and a whole forest can glow with the warm hue of changing leaves. Witnessing the gathering ducks on the lake takes on a special meaning knowing they’re preparing for a long migration.

In the fall I find myself complaining about the dip in temperatures, while at the same time obsessing over which of my dad’s giant sweaters looks best on me and fawning over the new jacket I bought just for this season.

I try more and more to cherish the last of the warm days, instead of focusing on the impending winter gloom. That’s why when temperatures hit a momentary high in between snow falls, I grabbed my favorite (read: only, and most patient) photographer and headed out to the Shaker Lakes.

I had so much fun finding new locations to shoot and picking up one beautiful leaf after the next, I decided to share these pictures in two parts. Look out for Part II this weekend!

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