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Halloween season is upon us, and that means I’m once again convinced I will get a Pocahontas or Poison Ivy costume together. And yet, for the last five years my costume aspirations have never come to fruition.

So, every year I also write out a huge list of all my possibilities and maybe even create a mood board for ideas. This year is no different, but while scouring the web I realized there are so many wonderful ideas that I wouldn’t want to do without wearing a wig. Marilyn, Sandy from Grease, Alice in Wonderland, Tinker Bell… these are costumes I will unfortunately probably never wear.

How about some ideas for us ladies with good ‘ole brown hair? Since I couldn’t find a satisfactory list, I decided to compile my own top 10 easy, DIY costume ideas for brunettes here. And with Halloween just one week away, keeping it simple and color-correct is definitely the way to go.

Please note: I do not want to offend anyone. I don’t condone ethnically degrading costumes, and hopefully this list is seen as idolizing characters and icons, not mimicking any groups of people.

Pocahontas, Jasmine and Belle

I’m a Disney fanatic, and I can never decide which princess I would most want to be. Store bought costumes might look the best and most tailored, but here are some DIY options for my favorite princesses. Pocahontas: Try taking scissors to fabric, such as an old dress or a beige t-shirt. Focus on the arm tattoo and finding a turquoise necklace. Belle: She’s tough, but get creative with yellow tutus and tulle. Jasmine: Look into solid blue pajama pants and a crop top. Focus on cat-eye makeup and the ponytail.

Princess costumes don't have to be bought. Here's Pocahontas, Belle and Jasmine.

Get your Disney princess on with Pocahontas, Belle or Jasmine.


This costume probably works best with the store-bought option, because it could be very elaborate. But pull off the Queen of the Nile in your own unique way by focusing on the makeup, then wearing either a white or gold dress and bedazzle yourself with a headpiece and gold jewelry.

cleopatra makeup2

Holly Golightly

The most iconic of glamorous brunettes, in my opinion. As a last-ditch effort to find a costume freshman year of college, I dressed as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Classic and easy to put together.

holly golightly

Any little black dress will do for an Audrey Hepburn costume.

Mary Poppins

Miss Poppins is becoming quite the popular costume, but she’s great for gals with brown hair. This costume is an example of top-notch costume creation, but any knee- or shin-length blue skirt, white blouse and red bow tie will do the trick. Don’t forget the umbrella!

Chim-chimney! Photo via Pinterest.

Katniss Everdeen

This is one of the easiest—you probably already have these clothes! In the movie, Jennifer Lawrence wears brown boots and a brown leather jacket in District 12, but any brown or green utility jacket, or a black wind breaker, could work. Definitely grab some lace up boots, and head to the closest Halloween store for a Mockingjay Pin. May the odds be ever in your favor.

All the essentials for a Katniss Everdeen costume.

Wonder Woman

Well, you can certainly take two routes with this one. Either star-spangled spanks to show off maximum leg, just like the sexy comic book heroine herself, or you can try a more conservative option. Check out more creative Wonder Woman costumes here!

wonder woman costume


Katy Perry and friend already beat us to it. And I immediately thought, That. Is. Genius! But we don’t all have access to custom made costumes. So keep it simple, do some thrift shopping, and focus instead on nailing her personality and finding a friend to dress up with you.



If you want to skip around Oz with blonde hair, consider Glinda. Because you will just look like Alice in Wonderland if you attempt Dorothy. Anyway, as Dorothy, think pigtails, gingham dress or apron with white blouse, red shoes and consider keeping a stuffed animal pup in hand.


Wednesday Addams

Pigtail braids. Black dress with 3/4 or full sleeves. DIY white collar. Pale face makeup. And there ya go!

Wednesday Addams2

This list is already inspiring me to get movin’ on my costume creation. Are there any brunette-specific costumes you think I left out? Let me know!

All images were sourced from Google Images unless otherwise noted.