It might be hard to remember, but there was a time when maxi dresses weren’t very popular. When I bought my first maxi, I kept the tags on for almost the whole summer, convinced that they floor-grazing dresses will fall out of style and maybe I should therefore return it.

But I kept that maxi dress, and as you can see in Purple Haze, I am very pleased with my decision.

Maxi dresses are beloved by an abundance of women for their ease and comfort. They somehow can both keep you cool in the summer heat and protect you from a chilly fall wind. And while maxi dresses are definitely more of a summer trend, I have found numerous examples of how to put together an ensemble fit for fall.

Don’t let your maxi dresses join the pile of clothes to put away during winter. Layer up, slip on tights for added warmth and keep your favorite dresses around a bit longer this year.

Photos collected via Pinterest.

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