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buddha quote

There are times I read a quote from Buddha and it registers in my mind as something Yoda would say. I read and reread the quote, trying to decipher the parts — even though, like Yoda, Buddha’s sayings are always so simple.

Today, this quote made perfect sense from first glance. I often equate little mishaps in my life to me being “unlucky,” but in reality, no one’s days are filled with perfection. Like those days I miss the bus and have to walk an extra 14 blocks — my body will thank me later for the exercise.

And on the larger scale, you might have an issue at work or a snag in a relationship. While it is easy to take problems at face value, Buddha encourages us to look deeper. Find the meaning of the issue, and turn a negative situation on its head by seeking out a positive outcome.

Enough from me. Buddha’s words speak volumes on their own.