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ralph waldo emerson inspiration

It seems I find a lot of great inspirational quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson. He has such a positive, motivational outlook on life.

I love to be silly — when the time is appropriate. Not everything needs to be so serious. Being silly and lighthearted can bring happiness to your life. And we all know laughter is often the best medicine.

Being honest is the most difficult for me, but is one of the aspects of my life I actively try to improve. This means being honest in the professional world, in your relationships and most importantly, learning to be honest with yourself.

Be kind. To me, this is the most vital of the three. Kindness effects everything and everyone around you, and is therefore an essential aspect of life and humanity. Kindness can be something small, like smiling at a stranger or saying thank you to the bus driver of the free trolley downtown. Or it can be something much greater — donating your time to a good cause and putting others before yourself.

Life is all about balance. But I think if we can include Emerson’s words in our daily vocabulary, our lives will be much more positive and wholesome as a result.