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In love with this photo. Neil Young Driving Home, Northern California, 1988. Graham Nash: Life on the Road.

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, keep rolling under the stars.” –Jack Kerouac

When I first read On the Road, I was mesmerized. It was my first experience with Jack Kerouac. The frantic, non-stop pace sucked me in. Of all the joy, confusion and thoughts it evoked, one stands out to me today. Just keep on rolling.

Many days will come and go when we will want to quit. But we have a 100 percent survival rate for every day we’ve made it through so far, and that’s a pretty good track record. The things we want, need, desire will come to us in time, in their own way, and most likely in just the way we really need them– and we will be stronger for having put in the effort.

On the Road, for me, also contained a very literal message. Get out and explore. Jump in your car and see something new. Leave the house without knowing where you plan to go.

I was so close, just a few months ago, to booking a flight and driving one way across the country. I had my route picked, a list of nearby monuments to see. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t right.

My cross-country trip will happen, though, I am sure of that. And when I hit the road, I know exactly which author will inspire me along the way.