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One benefit of having friends who live across the country is having the chance to visit them. I definitely need to get to New York, Baltimore and San Francisco soon. But for right now, off I go to the Windy City!

Chicago is one of my favorite cities of all time: smaller than New York, bigger than Cleveland and 100 percent Midwest. I always obsess over the architecture, and it amazes me how much the city changes each time I visit.

Since I’ll be there for my best friend’s birthday, I’m looking forward to her itinerary. This includes exploring new neighborhoods, hanging at trendy clubs and, most importantly, dining in as many fabulous restaurants as possible. Who says we only need three meals a day?

Here are a few pictures of the things I know I can look forward to. I cannot wait to discover, dance and indulge in Chicago!


I love the juxtaposition of architecture styles in Chicago.


Oak Street Beach, anyone?


Treasures on just about every block.


The Bean! At Millennium Park.


This is all relatively new development, with the Trump Tower in the back, of course!


I’m a sucker skylines. Glad I won’t need my winter coat this time, though!


One of my favorite views in Chicago. I spy the corncob buildings!