Garth Brooks might have friends in low places, but I have one pretty high up–on my roof. Milton is the name I gave to the griffin perched on the front corner of our roof.

Griffins are mythological beasts of strength and vigilance. They are similar to gargoyles, but the origin of griffins dates back further to ancient Greece. Both, to me, represent a higher level of architecture and art.

While wearing this outfit on our rooftop deck, I suddenly had the urge to explore. Not quite the best idea for short skirts and heels, but Milton looked lonely over there.

I can’t quite decide–maybe you can help–what style this outfit is. The floral skirt and turquoise feel spring-like and feminine. Once I throw on the chambray button-up, I feel like I stepped into the Wild West. Maybe I should pair it with my mom’s amazing red cowboy boots next time.

I have worn these pieces separately or together while on vacation, to cookouts and for a night out with friends. It is versatile enough for multiple occasions, but still flirty and perfect for easy breezy for summer days. Milton likes it, too.

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