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It took until July for the summer to really heat up, but now the humidity is hitting us full force. What better way to stay cool than to indulge in some ice cream? Not that I ever need encouragement…

Instead of our usual spots, we decided to hit the road and head out to Chagrin Falls for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. I was feeling adventurous and my only previous encounter with Jeni’s was a tasting I had as a summer magazine intern– and I sampled Parmesan zucchini. No thanks! But now, I was ready to give them a second chance.

Jeni’s offers a mix of flavors, from the usual tastes (if you consider “The milkiest chocolate in the world” to be usual) to those savory-types I plan to avoid and intriguing new blends. After sampling brown butter almond brittle, chamomile and queen city cayenne chocolate (all delicious!), I opted for a cup of brambleberry crisp and black coffee. Wildberry lavender was unfortunately not in stock.

By the time we were done strolling around charming downtown Chagrin Falls, I was contemplating a second cup of Jeni’s. Instead, we vowed to return to the Falls again soon. Who’s up for round two?

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All photos taken by Michael Ciuni and myself.