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Property of Rick Guidotti/NBC

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When I came across this NBC video yesterday, it was truly a blessing. In the past, I’ve written about Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches and finding beauty in imperfection, and I feel like this is in the same vein. Rick Guidotti is a fashion photographer working to help people reinterpret what they see as beauty. As the video shows, he spent years capturing Cindy Crawford and other gorgeous models that graced the glossy pages of magazines.

I am the first person to admit I love looking at glamorous images. But during this video, I found that I was extremely touched by the beautiful pictures Guidotti captured of women with Albinism and children with disabilities. Some of the images brought a genuine smile to my face.

“Rick took pictures of him the way I saw him,” one woman says of her son. “Not the way everyone else saw him, but the way I saw him.” And that is exactly how I saw the pictures—adorable, happy children.

The point I find the most striking is the comparison of these joyous pictures to those found in medical textbooks. Guidotti indicates how genetic counselors will open a book to show parents a disability their child will have and actually cover the photos with their hand. Why, he asked, do we have to use such horrifying images? Not only is Guidotti trying to redefine beauty, but he is redefining perceptions of what we are taught to consider “defects.”

Enough from me. Take the time to watch this short video and witness the beauty and happiness for yourself. Here is another example of someone attempting to redefine beauty and change our perceptions.

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