Hopefully, our days are filled with much more beauty than terror, more happiness than heartbreak. But disappointment is inevitable– we simply have to learn to live with it. “Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final,” Rainer Maria Rilke says. 

I love each segment of this quote, but especially the last sentence: “No feeling is final.” This statement is so true. A bad grade, bad day, little fight or big fight– tomorrow will be a new day. If not, then at least we can look forward to a new season or even new year, right?

I try not to let the little things get me down. But instead of letting them go, I often let them build up inside me. Then that last bit might push me over the edge. Everyone needs some work letting things go. Be optimistic. Remember to laugh. And instead of letting disappointments consume your day, take them in stride and vow to work harder, happier or stronger tomorrow.

On the flip side, this quote is a reminder that joy can also be fleeting. Do not take your happy days for granted, only to be thrown away at the first sign of trouble. Write down your good times, take pictures and keep souvenirs. Nothing can get you into a better mood than stopping to remember all the positives in your life. Take a moment to be grateful.

There are few situations that cannot be altered. No feeling is final. Put a smile on and just keep going.