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Photo from A Thousand Reasons blog

Photo from A Thousand Reasons blog

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.” –John Muir

This quote resonates strongly with the purpose of my blog: seeing the beauty in the world and sharing that perspective with others. Beauty holds great importance to me. There can be a soothing quality to beauty, like resting near a pond scattered with lilies. Euphoria can result from seeing a standout piece of artwork or hearing a new song. Muir has it right—there are so many aspects of life that feed us.

I came across this quote on a Cleveland design firm’s site while I was gathering information for a story on logos and brand identity. It seemed so perfect for a designer to share. They spend their days creating designs that make an impact, but are also aesthetically pleasing. Artists, designers, musicians… so many people base their careers on an idea of beauty. How lucky they are to delve into the whimsy of creation!

Graffiti as street art; juxtaposing architecture; the first spring buds; a blanket of leaves in autumn; a cat’s demeanor; fashion; laughter; nature. Now, I do not mean any of this to be vain. Inner beauty, the kind that “shines out” of people, is a tremendous characteristic. The point is finding the beauty, even in ordinary places.

I try to seek beauty in everything around me. In a way, it is my version of finding the positive in every situation. So, here’s your slice of Wednesday Wisdom. When you are out grabbing lunch or settling into dinner, try to think back on the beauty that fed your soul today.