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spring bloomBy April, we Midwesterners are more than ready for winter to end. The novelty of snow has long subsided and giant parkas are just becoming a hassle.

There is no denying the sun has been shining brighter and more often in Cleveland for the last week. Every day that I’ve woken up to blue skies has encouraged me to roll out of bed a little quicker. Bird song has increased and temperatures are slowly creeping up.

While out jogging (for the first time in four months!), I was compelled to stop so I could take pictures of the flowers that have just started to bloom in the previously empty flowerbeds.

And last night, I slept with my window cracked open, soaking in the scent of rain and falling asleep to the sound and lightning show of spring’s first thunderstorm.

spring blooms

Yes, we know. An endless flood of rain, almost as annoying as a bitter winter, is ahead of us. Clevelanders will not be shocked if we witness another snowstorm in April. The temperature this week is just a tease for the likely drop to follow… The pessimistic list goes on.

But spring is all about promise. And right now, the midwest is witnessing a slow thaw and a bright, colorful season to come.

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