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magnify success

We all do it! For whatever reason, people like to dwell on disappointment. Sure, outwardly we like to share our successes and even brag a little. But on the inside, I don’t know one person who hasn’t magnified a disappointment at least once in their life.

I wish I started tailoring my blog to recent college graduates about 5 months back. Just to be a voice for those in the same position as me (still looking to land our first career jobs), so that we could all feel a little less alone. There are all these quotes floating around about how Michael Jordan never gave up. Einstein was dismissed as a failure at a young age. Yet, after a handful of rejections and many more (and more much disturbing) applications without even a response, it is hard not to feel like giving up.

This is where the wisdom of the day comes in. If you ran a mile for the first time in six months, be proud you put on the jogging shoes instead of magnifying how out of shape you are. If you were invited to interview for a position, but ultimately didn’t make the cut, magnify the fact that you caught their interest. Maybe this isn’t the right job for you, anyway.

We are all stuck between a rock and a hard place sometimes. The thing that will get us through it is remembering to celebrate the good instead of only becoming overwhelmed by the bad. Which successes can you magnify today?